Waves, the origin of the universe?

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Waves, the origin of the universe?

Post by Admin on Sat Oct 18 2008, 22:23

A very interesting idea is that waves are the origin of the universe. So called standing waves could account for the particles we know. This happens to concur with the ideas of early Indian science that declares that the universe emanates from a sound. The Australian Ray Tomes has done a lot of research in this. His ideas are partly based on the phenomenon Cymatics that was first studied by Hans Jenny. It makes sense, and give an clean alternative to ever more complex string theories that an increasing number of physicists are starting to doubt, because the seem no more than elaborate computer models that explain phenomena at the cost of adding more and more complexity. Scientist like Einstein believed that to have true value a theory has to simple, it should reduce complexity rather than add to it.

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Quantum Mechanics

Post by Admin on Fri Dec 19 2008, 02:55

Quantum mechanics

Here a brief explanation of Quatum Mechanics in 7 short video clips.

Quantum Mechanics (Chapter 1a of 6)