Future World Council

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Future World Council

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 14 2008, 22:52

Posts about the future world Councel

The World Future Council (WFC) considers itself the global advocate for the concerns of future generations in international politics.

The council consists of 50 personalities from around the globe who have already successfully promoted change. Their activities range from advocating human rights and sustaining the planet to promoting political, scientific, cultural and economic justice.

The WFCs mission is to inform and educate policy makers and opinion leaders about the challenges facing future generations while providing them with practical solutions. The WFC identifies and promotes successful policies that can be implemented into legislation and policy measures. To achieve this, the WFC draws on a network of thousands of parliamentarians, institutions and organizations around the globe.

Based on the initiative of Alternative Nobel Prize founder Jakob von Uexkull, the constituting assembly took place in Hamburg, Germany, in May 2007. Initial funding has been provided by the City of Hamburg, business leader Dr. Michael Otto, and other generous donors.